Why you should travel with a GoPro

February, before heading off on my post-study-abroad 6-week backpacking trip, I took the plunge and bought a GoPro. I justified this purchase by telling myself that I didn’t want to lug out the ol’ DSLR while in Morocco, drawing more attention to myself as a tourist than necessary. But honestly? While skiing during the winter, I’d gotten my hands on my friend’s GoPro and became addicted. It was astonishingly simple to use; just strap it onto any mount, strap that to somewhere stable on your body or on the stick, and head off! There are only three buttons: one that … Continue reading

I’ve been bad…

As much as I love blogging, there are times when extended breaks are necessary. And, as far as breaks go, I’m afraid I’ve been quite bad to my readers because… I’m in Austin, TX now! Oops. I officially moved here almost a month ago, but it feels like I’ve been here a lifetime. Or at least 5 years. I spent 3 weeks sharing a room with two other girls, 2 weeks of intense AmeriCorps orientation, 3 weeks of nonstop post-work activity, and 1 weekend of move-in craziness. And it’s far from being over. One thing I have given myself a break on … Continue reading

Hangin’ with the Amish

“So.. you wanna go on a day trip?” I asked my friend who had recently just gotten back from graduation. Apparently, Memorial Day Weekend—which I promise to finish soon… not nice of me to leave things dangling, was it?—wasn’t enough to satisfy my wanderlust! “From here?” she said dubiously. I didn’t blame her; we already lived in a town that would be considered a nice little “day trip” from Chicago for travelers and we’d become desensitized to all things quaint. Luckily, I’d already done my research and found Amish Country in Indiana, 2 hours from the Chicagoland area. So, on a cloudy … Continue reading

Heaven is a place in Naperville

I always love when friends come to visit me in my hometown. It gives me an opportunity to see my small little town with new eyes, have a fresh beginning. And that Friday, we had a chance to taste our way around! But I’m here to talk about a particular little gem… After classics like Portillo’s and Joy Yee’s where we each split half an Italian Beef and bubble tea, we headed to Heaven on Seven in the heart of Naperville. This restaurant has always been Naperville’s best-kept secretHeaven on Seven looks like a dinky little thing. But once you walk in, you’re surprised … Continue reading

Exploring the Sahara

We sat silently, surveying smaller peaks of the rolling dunes below, the orange of the sun overflowing and casting long shadows. The air up here, on the tallest dune at Erg Chigaga, was still, allowing our thoughts to follow suit. Here we sat, at the edge of the famous Sahara Desert, miles away from civilization, under a globe of stars that were just about to show. In this moment, I felt full—of life, of joy, of wonder. In this moment, life was incredible. On the second day in Morocco, we went to the Sahara Desert. This experience was possibly one of my … Continue reading