On Travel Blogging

I was born traveling. Within the first 10 years of my life, I’d been to Los Angeles, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. Instead of memories filled with chasing down ice cream trucks in the neighborhood, I held onto the time I floated on a crocodile floatie in a pool in Singapore or the time I ate wonderful sweet treats from a stick on the street in Taiwan. However, like many things, I wasn’t able to appreciate it until I realized it was missing from my life. Come sophomore year in college, I was feeling a bit tied down, physically and spiritually. … Continue reading

Looking for some clarity on Mount Bonnell

Last Thursday, I enlisted a few travel coworkers to come hike with me after work. Things have been a bit rough recently and when this happens, I find that retreating back to nature helps me the most. Although “hike” would be a generous word for the path up to Mount Bonnell, the views at the top were worth it (worth what, the lack of hike? Everything’s worth the lack of physical activity). Honestly, we should’ve known it wasn’t going to be tiring when a group of businessmen still in their suits strolled up the gravel path. Alongside the path were rocks … Continue reading

Why you should travel with a GoPro

February, before heading off on my post-study-abroad 6-week backpacking trip, I took the plunge and bought a GoPro. I justified this purchase by telling myself that I didn’t want to lug out the ol’ DSLR while in Morocco, drawing more attention to myself as a tourist than necessary. But honestly? While skiing during the winter, I’d gotten my hands on my friend’s GoPro and became addicted. It was astonishingly simple to use; just strap it onto any mount, strap that to somewhere stable on your body or on the stick, and head off! There are only three buttons: one that … Continue reading

I’ve been bad…

As much as I love blogging, there are times when extended breaks are necessary. And, as far as breaks go, I’m afraid I’ve been quite bad to my readers because… I’m in Austin, TX now! Oops. I officially moved here almost a month ago, but it feels like I’ve been here a lifetime. Or at least 5 years. I spent 3 weeks sharing a room with two other girls, 2 weeks of intense AmeriCorps orientation, 3 weeks of nonstop post-work activity, and 1 weekend of move-in craziness. And it’s far from being over. One thing I have given myself a break on … Continue reading

Hangin’ with the Amish

“So.. you wanna go on a day trip?” I asked my friend who had recently just gotten back from graduation. Apparently, Memorial Day Weekend—which I promise to finish soon… not nice of me to leave things dangling, was it?—wasn’t enough to satisfy my wanderlust! “From here?” she said dubiously. I didn’t blame her; we already lived in a town that would be considered a nice little “day trip” from Chicago for travelers and we’d become desensitized to all things quaint. Luckily, I’d already done my research and found Amish Country in Indiana, 2 hours from the Chicagoland area. So, on a cloudy … Continue reading